Monday, February 13, 2012


I keep thinking 'what I can do with this voucher'?
text books? I don't really use em in my next next sem as I asked Dr. Normaz 'bout which books are we'll be using for our major, and she repiled, 'we'll not using any specific text book, I'll give you the lecture notes'.

so, if I'm not use em for text books....what else?
novels?? errr I'm not that 'reading' type..
I only read the PMR and SPM novels (in a sake of passing the exam)

so, stationaries?? for RM200?? can't be..

so what?

Then, the other day (4th feb), I'd reunion with my ex-classmate at Wetland, and after that, we went to Alamanda.
in the Alamanda, we entered the MPH..
haha, me.MPH. I just followed them. It was not me the one who wanted to go there =p
the first book I remembered I thouched was 'a letter to Mahathir' I'm not sure the exact title. I lifted it first because of Tun's face as the cover. =p
then I put it back, then moved to another rack, and another, and another.
I kept yawned in if the place was cursed or something.maybe because of the 'smell of books'.
haha I'm bad is it?
but it's true. I can't stand with all these books around me. I felt dizzy.
and my friends, huh, they were so 'khusyuk'.
then I walked to the 'teenagers book shelves'.
then I saw 'this' book.
It'd attracted me. I didnt know how, why. maybe because of the cover.
faery? what is that? fairy I know, but faery?
then I read the review at the back.
okay. It's about the fantasy, magic things. but yet, I just don't get it what the story inside.
then I looked at the book next to 'the' book.
owh, this book have the sequel. just like Harry Potter. and it have...I dont remember how many the volume.
should I buy this?
will I read this?

okay...I'll think about it.

then I went to another rack. 'cook books'
haha interesting...then I think back. recepies? I can just easily get em from

so I moved on to another..
ahaa 'magazines'.
I lifted em one by one.

OMG, what should I do with this vouchers?

At home. I kept thinking about that 'faery book'.
I do not know why.
then I think I should buy it. all of the chapter. chapter? I don't know what to call it. series?
ah what ever.

Then I decided to go to MPH once more.
this time (6th feb), with Mira and Finie my cous.

at MPH, Mira just straight away to the 'malay novel' side.
she took all the 'cintan' novels..

me..went to the rack that I went the other day
I picked all the four series of the book.

then I calculated, +/- RM120..
I can use 3 of the vouchers worth rm150.
another rm30?
okay, I bought a 'cupcake' book..
na was not for me. but for my sis.
as a gift for her birthday.

so..done shopping the books..

first time in my life I bought not just 'a novel' but 4!!
the magical of 1Malaysia Voucher haha
I am excited..

at home, I showed to mummy all the books.
then I realized, hey, they should be 5, not 4.
what I mean is that, they have 5 series actually, but I only buy 4. I'd missed the 2nd one.
how can I not realised when I was at the store??
hurmm'd ruined my mood a little bit that day..
but then I said to myself..
'just read the first one first.It may take forever to finish, its in english!.so I may have time to buy the 2nd one'.

this afternoon (12 feb), guess what?
I'd finished the 1st one. haha I'm suprised with myself actually.
in just a week. I finished a novel? an english novel?
the book was like a drug. I cant stop reading eventhough I didnt really can catch up the details in the story because know..English =.=
but I can tell what the story is all about.
yeay for me!!
 but then, I cant continue reading as I missed the 2nd one.
hurm..I think this is good for me.
I can make it as a hobby..maybe.. =p

well, I'll post the review of the book in the next entry..and maybe I can show all of the books

just wait


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